Moogene is a nano-medicine specialized company that develops new therapeutics using LNP technology

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    LNP materials

    Development of therapeutic agents using functional LNP materials,
    such as inducing cell growth or target cell death

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    Topical treatment for androgenic alopecia therapy

    - Maximization of the transdermal drug delivery effect by using microbubble and ultrasound
    - Minimize side effects by development topical formulation compare to oral formulations

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    LNP for pharmaceutical protein delivery

    - Development of protein-encapsulated LNP for effective and stable protein delivery
    - High efficiency protein encapsulated LNP manufacturing technology for various protein drugs

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    LNP for gene editing therapy

    - Development of RNP (sgRNA+ CRISPR Cas9 )-encapsulated LNP for gene therapy
    - Development of novel therapy for colorectal or pancreatic cancer with anticancer drug resistance due to genetic mutation by using RNP-encapsulated LNP