Nano-gene editing

Directly delivery for the gene-editing materials by nano-carrier system

Existing genome editing using Plasmid DNA is difficult to control in vivo, with a high possibility of unwanted side effects due to off-targeting. Moreover, the toxicity of other gene-editing modalities such as viral and external DNA vectors poses notable safety risks.

To mitigate off-target effects, a new delivery strategy (Cas9/sgRNA direct delivery) was developed, but in vivo stability and efficacy concerns remain unsolved by this method.

Moogene Medi has developed a nano delivery system which can maximize treatment efficacy and ensure in vivo stability at the same time. This integration of core nanobiotechnology with gene therapy forms a novel, modular, and versatile platform technology.

Effective genome editing technology (CRISPR/Cas9)

An effective genome editing technology which enables editing of the target DNA (deletion, insertion and substitution)
A technology treating genetic diseases arising from mutations at the most fundamental level.

Cleavage of target DNA




Bio-nano carrier system

Comprehensive nano-delivery carrier

A platform technology which maximizes therapy effectiveness by using biocompatible nanocarriers to deliver existing biomedicines.

Specific organ Target-based applications