Nano-Biotechnology for the more effective and safety drug delivery
to prolong human life by overcoming various incurable disease.

Aseptic pharmaceutic grade
GMP facility

Development of nano carrier system specialized for various therapeutic agents
such as gene, chemical and protein.
Supply of COA and assay service of the developed therapeutic nano carrier system.
End-to End support from research to GMP scale for clinical study.

Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) carrier system

LNP is an extremely safe and versatile nanocarrier platform verified by COVID-19 vaccine.
LNP plays a key role in effectively protecting and
transporting of therapeutic agents (mRNA, chemical, proteinetc.,)
We develop novel therapeutics by developing optimized LNPs based on each drug’s characteristics.



Moogene is a nano-medicine specialized company that develops new therapeutics using LNP technology

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    LNP materials

    Development of therapeutic agents using functional LNP materials,
    such as inducing cell growth or target cell death

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    Topical treatment for androgenic alopecia therapy

    - Maximization of the transdermal drug delivery effect by using microbubble and ultrasound
    - Minimize side effects by development topical formulation compare to oral formulations

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    LNP for pharmaceutical protein delivery

    - Development of protein-encapsulated LNP for effective and stable protein delivery
    - High efficiency protein encapsulated LNP manufacturing technology for various protein drugs

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    LNP for gene editing therapy

    - Development of RNP (sgRNA+ CRISPR Cas9 )-encapsulated LNP for gene therapy
    - Development of novel therapy for colorectal or pancreatic cancer with anticancer drug resistance due to genetic mutation by using RNP-encapsulated LNP