Nano-Biotechnology for the more effective and safety drug delivery
to prolong human life by overcoming various incurable disease.

Aseptic pharmaceutic grade
GMP facility

Development of nano carrier system specialized for various therapeutic agents
such as gene, chemical and protein.
Supply of COA and assay service of the developed therapeutic nano carrier system.
End-to End support from research to GMP scale for clinical study.

Lipid nanoparticle (LNP)

LNP is an extremely safe and versatile nanocarrier platform verified by COVID-19 vaccine.
LNP plays a key role in effectively protecting and
transporting of therapeutic agents (mRNA, chemical, proteinetc.,)
We develop novel therapeutics by developing optimized LNPs based on each drug’s characteristics.



Moogene 是利用 LNP 技術開發新治療劑的納米醫療專門企業。

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    LNP materials

    - 作爲LNP材質事業,活用功能性 LNP 材質的產品
    - 具有誘導細胞生長或死亡功能的 LNP 材料

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    Topical treatment for androgenic alopecia therapy

    - 利用 Micro bubble 材質和 ultrasound 效果,實現藥物毛囊細胞傳遞效果最大化技術
    - 塗抹時可最大程度地減少副作用,期待現有口服脫髮治療劑的藥物替代效果

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    LNP for pharmaceutical protein delivery

    - LNP 內部搭載蛋白質治療劑,開發出可傳達體內穩定性的治療劑
    - 擁有在 LNP 內部高效搭載多種蛋白質藥品的技術

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    LNP for gene editing therapy

    - 開發出因遺傳變異而具有藥物抵抗性的大腸癌或胰腺癌治療劑
    - 將基因剪刀蛋白質和 sgRNA 結合物質搭載在 LNP 內部,進行癌細胞 targeting 及基因編輯治療劑